This is what happens after you apply!

1. Pre-interview form - we will ask you for written answers to questions so we can skip to the good stuff during the actual interview

2. Initial Get To Know You / Us - going thru your answers and past experiences, exploring whether we have a cultural fit

3. Technical / Skills Fit Assessment - This will consist of a series of mini-tests that help us assess whether you can do what you/your resume say you do

4. Final assessment - f2f call with CEO + 1 other team member who is not working in the same specialization as you. We will also conduct some reference checks during this period.

What is it really like?

- Many have said that our interviews are tough, but enriching (welcome to startup life)!

- One of the questions you should/can ask, (when we ask, any questions?) is how you did. As much as possible, we will give meaningful feedback, and tell you what our considerations are.

- Even if you are not hired eventually, we encourage candidates to re-try when they are more suitable based on our feedback!