About BeeX

BeeX is building the world's most advanced Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUVs).

BeeX specialises in providing autonomous robotics solutions to safeguard underwater infrastructure in the maritime, energy and defense sectors, reducing over 90% of carbon emissions. We are pioneering Autonomous Robotics-as-a-Service (ARaaS) on a global scale, supported by decades of operational experiences in harsh waters. With unprecedented efficiency, we strive to provide our customers with a one-point solution for asset integrity management -- protecting assets they value, making sure they stay safe.

Why Join Us
The industries we serve need new ways to overcome their current challenges, and BeeX is delivering exactly that. Creating anything new is very hard. To do this, we need outstanding people.

At BeeX, everyone is dependent; united by enthusiasm for bold innovation. Our multi-disciplinary team thrives in dynamic environments, driving transformative advancements globally.

What you can achieve at BeeX depends on what your goals are. By joining our fast-growing startup, you will be exposed to different aspects of Deeptech, from design to commercialisation. Join us to make a meaningful impact on the world!

You will enjoy this job if you:

  • Want to work in fast-paced start-up environment, prioritising growth over short-term gains
  • Like to work independently, as well as collaboratively with team members in other sub-teams
  • Have a positive learning mindset, and can quickly absorb knowledge to overcome challenges
  • Enjoy product design and are always thinking of how to make something better
  • Can assess risk and make time-critical decisions/tradeoffs in imperfect scenarios

Your Role

Your role is Electronics Design Engineer. Your daily schedule will include frequent interactions with Mechanical and Software on Product Development and production design work, directly reporting to the Electrical Lead.

Your Job Scope

  • Design and Implement sub-components of our Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.
  • PCB Design of Electronics boards for interfacing, operation and control of our vehicles.
  • Power electronics design to various system components, sensors and actuator systems.
  • Wire harness and cabling design and production drawing generation(2D and 3D).
  • Firmware development on microcontrollers such as Atmega and ARM for real-time control of hardware components.
  • Bench-testing and field testing of key sensors and components for integration to our vehicles.
  • Carry out intensive bench and in-water testing of our vehicles, and document performance.
  • Stress testing of system components for harsh environment operations such as thermal, vibration, EMI-EMC and humidity.
  • Gather user requirements in collaboration with management team and end customers.

Desired Qualities

  • Bachelor's Degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • 3-6 years of experience designing and implementing Electrical Architecture of robotic systems.
  • Experience with battery operated designs, embedded systems, microcontrollers, sensor and actuator interfacing.
  • Experience with low voltage power electronics design for battery operated systems (power regulation, boost/buck conversion, power protection, load balancing etc).
  • Experience with Altium designer and other equivalent PCB CAD software.
  • Experience with any 2D schematic, wire harnessing and cable assembly design software.
  • Experience with C++ for embedded systems programming and development.
  • Knowledge of python is a plus for high level interfacing and algorithms development.
  • Experience with git and version control systems.
  • Experience with quality control and test procedures for tests such as in EMI-EMC, Vibration, temperature, humidity testing is a plus.

Remuneration Package

  • Market competitive salary
  • Growth opportunities that align with your direct ability in helping the company, rather than an arbitary corporate ladder
  • ESOP / equity participation
  • Support for skills upgrading / learning credits
  • Healthcare support
  • Special access to industry events
  • Well-stocked pantry with nice snacks

Prior to your interview, please prepare:

  • Testimonial of 1 other engineer who has worked with you
  • PCB Design from a previous project